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Workout Summary: 6.19.17

Today was the first day with my new trainer: Lana. She’s super positive, super motivational, and wants to continue my current program while making small adjustments and teaching me new things. Sweet!

It was a push day and, man, I feel phenomenal! The great thing about working with different trainers is that you get to learn so many different ways to do things. Then, later on, you can cobble together what works best for you. Each trainer has their own focuses and their own way of doing things.

Lana was super diligent about making sure my core was stable through all my exercises today. I never had to move down in weight and I did my military press without a back-board seat. Pretty impressive!

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Red push button

Workout Summary: 5.22.17

Had a disastrous weekend on the ol’ homestead wherein our basement bedroom flooded. I spent the weekend vacuuming, ripping out sopping wet carpet, and moving a giant ladder all around the house to try to clean out the gutters.

So, when push day came to shove (RDRR), I was pretty tired. I went up in some of my numbers but, since I tend to take everything on my shoulders, a lot of those things went down just because of fatigue. I put forth a good effort, though, even though my mind was telling me to request a leg day instead.

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Workout Summary: 4.12.17

An even better push day today. I really feel like I’m getting back in the swing of things. It must’ve taken me this long just to remember how to target the different parts of my body on different days.

We worked a lot with the dumbbells instead of bars again today, which really helped me isolate the muscles, especially in my chest. I made a lot of great progress.

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Man doing pectoral fly exercises

Workout Summary: 3.17.17

My first “real” workout with my new trainer, Ash. It was interesting because she likes to divide workout days into “push,” “pull,” and “leg,” instead of “arm,” “leg,” and “interval.” Also, I was so much more sore from the initial workout than I should’ve been. Oh well.

Today we did “push.” It was great to be back in the gym and learn some new things. Oh, and the awesome chest pump I got is nice too.

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