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Return of the Workout Summary: 10.9.17

::Cue Staind singing “It’s Been A While”::

Today was my first day back at the gym after pulling an abdominal muscle. I’m not quite sure what happened. I went for a morning run and had terrible pain in my lower abs and on the same side I had my hernia on. Long story short, I went to the doctor, she said to rest, so rest I did.

I’ve been working a lot on my grip strength (for guitar shredding) and my wife and I just started speed walking (strangely difficult). Even though I still get a bit sore in the abs, I felt it was time to go back.

Today’s workout was a push day and, even though the weights were lower (Trainer Lana took us out of the strength/hypertrophy cycle so I can get my bearings again), I did really well. What’s more, it felt excellent to be back.

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Tractor at a construction site.

Workout Summary: 8.7.17

Since my last workout, I’ve been thinking about motivation and dedication. I realized that I’m not really as focused as I should be at the gym. After working out for a year, I think I’m letting my attention slip and getting distracted. Not pushing myself much.

I’ve decided to focus more and really work hard. After all, I really want to change (and I pay a lot of money to train). Why not be all in?

That being said, I had an amazing push day today! Trainer Lana started me on the strength cycle, which means bigger weights and lower reps. I went up in weight in everything; a lot of weight, too.

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An artist's figure model doing a push-up

Workout Summary: 6.26.17

My new trainer is all about the body weight exercises to build strength. I think that’s great because it makes exercising way more practical. The whole basis of fitness philosophies like MoveNat is that exercise for the sake of appearance is ultimately useless in the real world.

That being said, today I did more push-ups than I ever have before. I had no idea I could do so many! Also, I injured my wrist (playing guitar without warming up) so it was an extra accomplishment. I got through my whole push day workout without aggravating it further, too, which I think is amazing.

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Bulldozer shoveling broken concrete

Workout Summary: 6.19.17

Today was the first day with my new trainer: Lana. She’s super positive, super motivational, and wants to continue my current program while making small adjustments and teaching me new things. Sweet!

It was a push day and, man, I feel phenomenal! The great thing about working with different trainers is that you get to learn so many different ways to do things. Then, later on, you can cobble together what works best for you. Each trainer has their own focuses and their own way of doing things.

Lana was super diligent about making sure my core was stable through all my exercises today. I never had to move down in weight and I did my military press without a back-board seat. Pretty impressive!

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Red push button

Workout Summary: 5.22.17

Had a disastrous weekend on the ol’ homestead wherein our basement bedroom flooded. I spent the weekend vacuuming, ripping out sopping wet carpet, and moving a giant ladder all around the house to try to clean out the gutters.

So, when push day came to shove (RDRR), I was pretty tired. I went up in some of my numbers but, since I tend to take everything on my shoulders, a lot of those things went down just because of fatigue. I put forth a good effort, though, even though my mind was telling me to request a leg day instead.

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