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Workout Summary: 5.19.17

Today is my first day back on the regular workout routine, this time back to the bulk-building flow. That means lower weights and higher reps. And it was a pull day. It was AWESOME.

I went up in weight with everything. It was so amazing to be able to see, immediately, the progress I’ve made during the strength track. It was also super satisfying to use lower weights because I felt more in control of the movements. I left the gym feeling like a million bucks. I needed this after the slightly frustrating, slightly depressing week I’ve had. Now I can’t wait to kick it again.

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One Rep Max: Workout Summary, 5.17.17

Wow. Just wow. I totally crushed my weight goals for squat and bench press! I couldn’t be happier! Check this shit out:

Squat: 135 lbs!

Bench press: 90 lbs!

This makes me feel so capable, so strong. I feel so much renewed enthusiasm for my workouts and so much more confident in my body and what it can do!

We’ll be going back to the bulk-building, high rep/low weight lifts starting Friday. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Rope Wall Yoga Class: 5.15.17

My wife got a month unlimited pass to our local yoga studio so we decided to try out one of their non-traditional classes. The one with the best time was “rope wall yoga” so we went for it.

The description of the class says that, “the ropes allow for students to understand how muscles are used in each pose in a different way than they know from a normal floor practice.” Since I’m all about doing things the right way (and developing body awareness), it seemed like a great class.

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Workout Summary: 5.14.17

This weekend really got away from me. I meant to keep up with my regular schedule to be ready for Wednesday’s max-out but time just flew. I did manage to get to the gym for an hour on Sunday and did a well-rounded total body workout. It was great!

I got to work out with my JLab Epic2 bluetooth earbuds for the first time and they were amazing! Check them out if you’re in the market.

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Workout Summary: 5.8.17

Today was the last “strength” Walk Funny Day of this cycle. I’m super excited because on Wednesday, I get to test my one rep maxes! Can’t wait!

Today was interesting for a couple of reasons. My usual gym is closed for the week so I have to train at the one across town, which means I can’t go over my lunch break. I trained with Ash after work and was way more motivated and even went up in weight a few times! Here’s what I think happened:

  1. I got to drive to the gym and scream my guts out to my most recent favorite metal band in the car.
  2. I was excited to be off work.

At any rate, it’s clear to me that I need to do a better job getting myself in the mindset of working out. Today was a completely different experience.

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Workout Summary: 5.3.17

Really solid pull day today. I even went up in weight for my dumbbell rows. I think the most notable thing that happened was that I’m coming along with isolating the muscles I should be using. Turns out for the seated rows, I was engaging my triceps instead of my back. The exercises seemed a bit easy but they felt good, like they were doing what they are meant to do.

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Workout Summary: 5.1.17

Solid May Day #WalkFunnyDay today! I didn’t go up in weight but I really concentrated on my movements and did really well. Even had time for a little core set at the end.

My wife and I had a nice, long yoga session last night with lots of hip-opening stretches and that helped out A TON. I gotta do yoga in my off days; it makes a huge difference!

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Workout Summary: 4.28.17

Had a tough time getting into it today for push day. It’s super rainy and cold and it’s Friday and I know those are all not really excuses, just things to note.

I went up in weight for the military press but (I think) only because we changed the order in which I do the exercises. Everything else was super tough and I had a hard time finishing my sets. Damn!

I did end up getting a nice little core set in at the end, though, since there was extra time.

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