Workout Summary: 5.24.19

Note: I did have a regular Day Two workout on Wednesday with Trainer Low. When working out with him, the reps and weights are kind of tough for me to track. Also, I didn’t feel like it was that great of a workout. I went and did the thing but I don’t feel like writing all about it.

Wow, I had a great workout today. I’ve been working with Trainer Low just two days a week but I really wanted his help in walking me through the Day Three workout. We spent about thirty minutes on dead lifts alone. From warm-up to finish, I spent about 2 hours at the gym.

I’m starting to get little glimpses into that fantastic gym-goer feeling you get from working out. I’m really excited to keep it up and days like today make the less-motivated days sting less.

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Workout Summary: 5.20.19

Trainer Low is back and we continued our work on good form and putting all the pieces of good form together. I don’t feel like I lifted as much today but a lot of good work was done toward making sure I’ve got a solid frame and isolating the right muscles.

The numbers below will probably be pretty fudged since we played fast and loose with the weights and reps in the interest of practicing good form. My shoulders especially will be barking tomorrow.

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Workout Summary: 5.17.19

I wasn’t quite feeling it today. I was out past midnight (TOOL concert, yeah!) and had to go to work so I’m operating on not much sleep. Still made it to the gym, though, for the first Day Three workout.

There were a few things I haven’t done before (at least well) so I had to Google them before going. I did… ok. I think I was just interested in getting out of there. I did everything in the program, though, so I’ve got that going for me.

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Workout Summary: 5.15.19

Trainer Low is out of town for the rest of the week so I’m on my honor to keep going to the gym and doing the program without him. Did I mention he thinks I ultimately need to be working out 5 days a week to achieve my goals? Bring it on!

I’m still inspired by my performance on Monday but I did suffer a bit from a lack of mindfulness. I still went and I think I went up in weight with everything; there were just a few sets I didn’t quite finish. I’m trying not to get too frustrated; I am learning to do things the right way.

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Workout Summary: 5.13.19

It was my first full (official) workout with Trainer Low today. He’d been off for a week, then the gym was closed for a week, so you can imagine how out of swing I was.

Actually, it was pretty awesome. Since we haven’t done an assessment together, he was over-estimating all of the weight I could lift, which actually pushed me to try heavier weights than I would’ve picked for myself. Pretty grand. Also, I kept working on my Dignified Stance™.

I’m really grateful Low can explain things through physics; it helps me understand the motions better. Today I learned that when beginning working out, beyond working out the muscles, we’re also creating neurons and mental pathways from the brain to the muscle so we know how to properly work it out in the future. Neat!

Anyway, it was a killer total body workout from the Day One set (RDLs, man!).

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Workout Summary: 11.14.18

Well, it’s been a good bit but I made it back to the gym today. I’ve decided I need a bit of help, especially in winter, so I’ll be buying more personal training sessions for my birthday at the end of the month. Then I’ll be back on the fitness train!

I got in a pretty good total body workout today. Decently well-rounded and I managed to push myself a bit, too.

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Workout Summary: 10.12.18

Even though it’s only begun to get cold and rainy, the lack of motivation to work out is real. I’m happy to say I made it to the gym today and squeaked out a pretty decent total body workout in about 30 minutes, even though I was having trouble focusing.

The thing is, I’ve felt great being back at the gym. Present. Healthy. Sexy. All that good stuff I was looking to regain. And taking a break for a week (or two; I’m not sure) got me feeling like I used to: spacey, depressed, and passive. Just that quickly.

I’ve loved being in my own body (and mind) lately so it’s imperative that I keep working out. I know I only did a short one today but it was better than nothing. And hey, I went up in weight in a few things too, so it wasn’t all bad!

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A man doing dead lifts

Workout Summary: 8.27.18

Damn, it feels really good to be writing one of these again. Where have I been? I’m sure the answer to that question will be dealt with in a proper entry. Until then, suffice it to say that I’m trying to get back in the gym.

I went on my own, no trainer, and manged to power through a damn fine total body workout. I wrote down things I’d like to do and before I knew it, an hour went by. Nice! I also surprised myself with the weights I could handle (though I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow).

I’ve been trying to run on the weekends and two of my best friends and I get together every Wednesday to do sprints. My wife and I will start yoga and dancing (and maybe even self defense classes).

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Shattered glass

One Rep Max: Workout Summary, 5.17.17

Wow. Just wow. I totally crushed my weight goals for squat and bench press! I couldn’t be happier! Check this shit out:

Squat: 135 lbs!

Bench press: 90 lbs!

This makes me feel so capable, so strong. I feel so much renewed enthusiasm for my workouts and so much more confident in my body and what it can do!

We’ll be going back to the bulk-building, high rep/low weight lifts starting Friday. I can’t wait to see what happens next!