Workout Summary: 6.10.19

I had a great pull day workout today. I made lots of improvements and even went up in weight in a few things.

I think a lot of the advancements came from that I was so green with a few of the motions last week. They make sense to me now. Also, the ab machine was significantly easier… we’ll see how I feel tomorrow, though.

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Workout Summary: 6.3.19

Happy June, all!

After taking a week off from training, I met with Trainer Low again today to begin a new strength program. Our old friend Push/Pull/Legs. You know what that means: Friday will be the Return of #WalkFunnyDay!

Today was a hell of a workout. It felt incredible. Also, weirdly nice to be focusing in on certain muscle groups instead of an every day total body situation.

Trainer Low showed me so many different exercises for various muscles. On the ab machine, I’m not sure I’ve ever worked out that part of my core before.

Also, Low started a Google Spreadsheet so we can track my progress and share results at the gym or when I’m on my own. The future is now!

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Workout Summary: 8.12.17

Something’s up with my pull days. I don’t seem to be hitting as hard, especially when I’ve moved up with everything else this strength session. I think it has to do with beginning with pull-ups. They wear me out so much that I don’t see much improvement in anything else.

At any rate, it was a pretty good Saturday workout, just not as momentous as I’d hoped.

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An axe on a tree stump

Workout Summary: 8.4.17

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. I had a touch of the ol’ food poisoning and couldn’t work out. Luckily, I had a helluva pull day today (also the last of my hypertrophy set).

I’ve been entertaining thoughts of breaking out on my own for a while, when it comes to training. I’ve been training for a year and I feel like I know the ropes. Also, I need to start cultivating some self-reliance and motivation if this is ever gonna stick. The hardest muscle to work out is the brain (or something).

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Man pulling a rope on a dock

Workout Summary: 6.23.17

My pull day was a bit… different. I think we did all new exercises. Some of them were great. Others were a bit awkward. I definitely missed the dead lifts.

We worked on grip and forearm strength, though, which is awesome. Trainer Lana is an avid rock climber so she’ll know how to best help me with that. My forearms and wrists are the feature I am most self-conscious about. It’ll be great to see what we can do!

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A man being pulled through the mud by two cows

Workout Summary: 6.16.17

Trainer Ash is off to bigger things in the bigger city so today I was introduced to Trainer Lana. It was also the start of the “strength” portion of my program and a pull day. Nice!

Solid workout today and even went up a bit. I let Lana know that I have a bit of a self-motivation problem so hopefully she can push me to reach my goals.

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Industrial mechanical levers

Workout Summary: 5.19.17

Today is my first day back on the regular workout routine, this time back to the bulk-building flow. That means lower weights and higher reps. And it was a pull day. It was AWESOME.

I went up in weight with everything. It was so amazing to be able to see, immediately, the progress I’ve made during the strength track. It was also super satisfying to use lower weights because I felt more in control of the movements. I left the gym feeling like a million bucks. I needed this after the slightly frustrating, slightly depressing week I’ve had. Now I can’t wait to kick it again.

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Workout Summary: 5.3.17

Really solid pull day today. I even went up in weight for my dumbbell rows. I think the most notable thing that happened was that I’m coming along with isolating the muscles I should be using. Turns out for the seated rows, I was engaging my triceps instead of my back. The exercises seemed a bit easy but they felt good, like they were doing what they are meant to do.

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