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Workout Summary: 8.9.17

Wow, this whole concentration thing is really paying off! I’ve been kind of dreading Walk Funny Day since I decided to be more present mentally because (like most people) I fucking hate leg day. But today was amazing! Like the other days, I’ve gone way up in everything and my attitude has been so much more positive!

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Workout Summary: 7.12.17

Woah. Today’s hypertrophy walk funny day kicked my ass! And it’s not just the 95° temps with the 99% humidity, either.

On top of making sure I did everything right (it’s the first time I’ve truly understood side lunges), I looked it up and I did about 15 lbs over where I was at during the last hypertrophy cycle. Hot damn!

Here’s my summary. I’m gonna eat lunch.

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Tattooed man doing squats with a lot of weight

Workout Summary: 6.14.17

It was a brief leg day, but an important one. Not only was it my last “bulk” leg day before “strength” starts, but it was also my last leg day with Trainer Ash. I’m set to meet my new trainer on Friday.

Ash marked the occasion by tricking me and putting more weight on the machines than I’ve been doing. After a set, I’d say, “There’s way more weight on there!” And she’d say, “Well, you did it. Do it again!”

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Workout Summary: 5.31.17


Pretty solid leg day. I gotta make good on my Progress Report goal to get more cardio in; I think it would really help my leg days get better and aid in the hot-weather-suffering that’s going down.

Learned a new exercise today to help work out my hamstrings: the “good morning.” It was really nice and felt really good but the form was a little difficult to get right because of how similar it was to other exercises. Otherwise, it’s a hit!

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Tattooed man doing squats with a lot of weight

Workout Summary: 5.24.17

This was my first #walkfunnyday back in the bulk-building schedule and it was intense! I think it was so much easier to do fewer reps of leg exercises, even though the weight was higher. Today it felt like I hadn’t done legs in months. A good sign, I guess?

The lower rest times really allow me to pack in those lifts. We were done so early I got a good core session and some stretches to boot. And I even showed up late!

The wife and I are going to try out cryotherapy tonight. It’s supposed to release all inflammation from your body at once and send you on a 6-hour endorphin high. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!

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Man doing kettlebell front squats

Workout Summary: 5.8.17

Today was the last “strength” Walk Funny Day of this cycle. I’m super excited because on Wednesday, I get to test my one rep maxes! Can’t wait!

Today was interesting for a couple of reasons. My usual gym is closed for the week so I have to train at the one across town, which means I can’t go over my lunch break. I trained with Ash after work and was way more motivated and even went up in weight a few times! Here’s what I think happened:

  1. I got to drive to the gym and scream my guts out to my most recent favorite metal band in the car.
  2. I was excited to be off work.

At any rate, it’s clear to me that I need to do a better job getting myself in the mindset of working out. Today was a completely different experience.

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Woman doing leg press exercise

Workout Summary: 5.1.17

Solid May Day #WalkFunnyDay today! I didn’t go up in weight but I really concentrated on my movements and did really well. Even had time for a little core set at the end.

My wife and I had a nice, long yoga session last night with lots of hip-opening stretches and that helped out A TON. I gotta do yoga in my off days; it makes a huge difference!

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