Fitness Class: Cardio Kickboxing

My wife and I took a cardio kickboxing class at a local boxing gym last night. A good thing, since I forgot to bring my workout clothes to work with me so I didn’t do my regular arm day workout.

It was actually incredibly difficult. I’m not sure how the other people in the class are able to keep up the 3-minute intervals of kicks and punches so well but I was toast. Even my wife, who has been taking private self-defense classes for the last several months, had a hard time keeping up.

It was a great workout, for sure. Lots of cardio and arm stuff. Even threw in a bunch of push-ups and squats and burpees for good measure, making it similar to a HIIT workout.

My hands, though, are stingy and raw. I forgot to take my rings off before putting the gloves on and my knuckles are a bit crunchy.

Overall, it was a great, different way to get a workout in. I like practical exercise and full-body dynamic motion. I’m definitely interested in martial arts as a fitness routine in the future.

Man pushing a weight sled

Workout Summary: 9.21.16

Intervals. I’ll say it again:


Intervals are the devil. Especially when you haven’t done them in weeks.

I also hadn’t had any carbs all day and was really dragging. I was disappointed in my performance but my trainer was glad to see I was giving it my all (even if I didn’t think I was living up to what I thought I could do).

He said, “You know what I like about you? You don’t quit. Even if something is really hard, you still finish it the best you can.” I said, “I so often feel like I could’ve done better.” He said, “Maybe but you could be a lot worse.”

A good way to think about it, I guess.

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Pop Pilates Summary: 8.22.16

While my trainer is out recovering from surgery, I thought I’d follow my wife and our friend to one of the fitness classes being offered at our gym for free this week. Our friend recommended “Pop Pilates,” so that’s where we went.

Based on the little I know about pilates, this was more like a fast-paced, aerobic yoga class, set to pop music. Mostly lots of basic yoga poses, though I did recognize some of the pilates-specific core exercises.

It was certainly fun and it’s always good to do something different. I don’t think I got as much out of it as I could, though, because my inner thighs are killing me anymore from all the interval training I’ve been doing.

I don’t remember a lot of the routines in the class but here’s a basic summary of some of the more common exercises:

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