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Workout Summary: 6.19.17

Today was the first day with my new trainer: Lana. She’s super positive, super motivational, and wants to continue my current program while making small adjustments and teaching me new things. Sweet!

It was a push day and, man, I feel phenomenal! The great thing about working with different trainers is that you get to learn so many different ways to do things. Then, later on, you can cobble together what works best for you. Each trainer has their own focuses and their own way of doing things.

Lana was super diligent about making sure my core was stable through all my exercises today. I never had to move down in weight and I did my military press without a back-board seat. Pretty impressive!

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Workout Summary: 5.24.17

This was my first #walkfunnyday back in the bulk-building schedule and it was intense! I think it was so much easier to do fewer reps of leg exercises, even though the weight was higher. Today it felt like I hadn’t done legs in months. A good sign, I guess?

The lower rest times really allow me to pack in those lifts. We were done so early I got a good core session and some stretches to boot. And I even showed up late!

The wife and I are going to try out cryotherapy tonight. It’s supposed to release all inflammation from your body at once and send you on a 6-hour endorphin high. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!

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Workout Summary: 5.1.17

Solid May Day #WalkFunnyDay today! I didn’t go up in weight but I really concentrated on my movements and did really well. Even had time for a little core set at the end.

My wife and I had a nice, long yoga session last night with lots of hip-opening stretches and that helped out A TON. I gotta do yoga in my off days; it makes a huge difference!

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Workout Summary: 4.28.17

Had a tough time getting into it today for push day. It’s super rainy and cold and it’s Friday and I know those are all not really excuses, just things to note.

I went up in weight for the military press but (I think) only because we changed the order in which I do the exercises. Everything else was super tough and I had a hard time finishing my sets. Damn!

I did end up getting a nice little core set in at the end, though, since there was extra time.

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