Fitness Class: Cardio Kickboxing

My wife and I took a cardio kickboxing class at a local boxing gym last night. A good thing, since I forgot to bring my workout clothes to work with me so I didn’t do my regular arm day workout.

It was actually incredibly difficult. I’m not sure how the other people in the class are able to keep up the 3-minute intervals of kicks and punches so well but I was toast. Even my wife, who has been taking private self-defense classes for the last several months, had a hard time keeping up.

It was a great workout, for sure. Lots of cardio and arm stuff. Even threw in a bunch of push-ups and squats and burpees for good measure, making it similar to a HIIT workout.

My hands, though, are stingy and raw. I forgot to take my rings off before putting the gloves on and my knuckles are a bit crunchy.

Overall, it was a great, different way to get a workout in. I like practical exercise and full-body dynamic motion. I’m definitely interested in martial arts as a fitness routine in the future.

Running shoes

Cardio & Core: 7.31.16

Technically, I think I’m supposed to be having a “rest day.” I dunno….

I had a short set of high-intensity intervals, a short set of regular (jogging) intervals, and a couple sets of a couple core exercises.

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