Soldiers training in the mud

It’s a HIIT

As my first web design teacher was fond of saying,

The lazy shall inherit the earth.

Ernest Gregg

… by which he meant, “Anyone who finds a shortcut to authentic results out of sheer laziness has effectively set the new standard.” In the world of fitness, it seems to me that nowhere is this concept more prevalent than in High-intensity Interval Training (or HIIT).

When you think about it, the ideology behind HIIT sounds like an infomercial pitch: “Get insane results without having to spend hours at the gym! There’s no equipment to buy and you can cancel any time….” To the non-exercise crowd, HIIT seems like it’s making an already difficult thing worse: “Do the same amount of exercise in a fraction of the time, but make it as hard as it can possibly be!”

There have been many studies by medical research outfits applauding the benefits of HIIT, but here be dragons, also. Wanna know what I think? Of course you do.

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