A glass of beer, crossed out

No Beer September

Throughout my new fitness journey, I’ve been somewhat neglecting a very important aspect of physical transformation: diet. While I’ve been tracking what I eat and making sure I get enough protein before and after workouts, I haven’t made too big of an adjustment to my normal routine. And that’s no good.

Beginning today, I will have no beer for the month of September. Why? Step into my office:

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A dish of gourmet black salt

The Trouble with Salt, Part 2

In the first part of this post, I exposed the briny danger lurking in the foreground of the American diet: too much salt. In this chapter, I aim to tell you what you can do to kick the salt habit, slim down, and even end up tasting your food better too.

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A giant pile of salt.

The Trouble with Salt, Part 1

It seems Americans have an intense difficulty moderating themselves when it comes to the basic building blocks of nutrition. We know all too well the effects of our sugar- (and corn syrup)-laden diets (or at least we should).

But there’s another problem at the opposite end of the flavor spectrum, one whose insidious prevalence in our culture is rarely discussed. I’m talking about salt.

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