One-Year Trainaversary

Today is my one-year anniversary of strength training! It’s been an amazing journey and I’m just getting started!

Gonna celebrate with a pull day later. Cheers! 🎉

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Progress Report: the Eighth Month

This month has been crazy with GAINZ! I think it’s the month where the change in my body has been the most noticeable. I’ve continued with doing mostly dumbbell lifts instead of using machines and it really shows.

Also, I’m starting to settle into my new life in my beautiful new home. It’s springtime in Nebraska and all is right with the world.

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A Wild Goal Appears

During my WalkFunnyDay yesterday, Trainer Ash asked me if I had any specific goals for my training. And I stopped cold.

As I kind of sputtered, saying, “No… not really… just size and strength….” I realized I was overlooking one of the most important aspects of successful change: setting, working towards, and achieving quantifiable goals.

So now there’s a new Category on Muscles or Bust: GOALS. Where do I begin?

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Progress Report Reboot: the Seventh Month

I’m not sure wether to count this progress report sequentially or not. The last time I really had a “weigh-in” was at the end of December, 2016. Incidentally, that was also when I stopped working out for the winter.

Since then, I’ve gotten a new trainer and a new workout system, one that seems to work really well for me. I’m fully dedicated to bulking up and increasing strength. In a lot of ways, I feel like I’m finally on the path I originally wanted to be on.

I’ve worked really hard but I’ve also had some motivation problems. It’s great to be back but I think I’m maybe still shaking off some winter blues and settling down from one of the more stressful periods in my life.

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Non-Progress Report: the Sixth Month

I’m away for the winter. As such, I haven’t been able to nail down a workout space. Yep, I’m a big, lazy pig.

I have a month before I go home and head back to the gym with Trainer Nick. Time to get my ass in gear!

I do have a wicked case of tennis elbow, which is keeping me from doing arm stuff. I know it’s not much of an excuse but it’s important to note.

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Progress Report: the Fifth Month

Five whole months of weight training. It’s been a bit of a blur. I still can’t believe I started this journey and that I’ve been able to keep it up so well.

This month was a bit weird. Holidays, neck injuries, scheduling difficulties… I guess this is “real life” creeping in. I’ll have to learn to do a better job of staying motivated and on task, especially since I’ll be away for two months this winter and on my honor to keep the routine going. Trainer Nick wrote me out a week’s worth of workouts and that, coupled with this blog, should give me plenty of material to work with. It’s just up to me to show up and do the work.

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Return to Form

Like much of the country, I’ve been afraid and depressed this week. As a result, my diet and excercise routine has all but shut down.

While I do think it’s important to grieve (with pizza and bourbon), I feel ready to regroup and continue rebuilding myself. It’s ridiculous to let a political blow ruin my personal life.

Back to the gym tomorrow.

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Progress Report: the Third Month

Wow, three months of training. Sometimes I can’t even believe I’m doing this; it always seemed like beginning weight training would be so hard to do. But it’s not! All you’ve got to do is make the appointments, show up, and give it your best.

As I’ve noted before, the novelty of working out is starting to wear off and that’s a bit of a dangerous place to be. Yeah, I work hard on my training sessions but my downtime has really been slipping. I don’t even have any Record data to share because I’ve been so spotty about keeping track of what I do (luckily all my workouts are up to date on this site).

I’ve been levelling up like crazy, though, with my reps and my weight limits. I figure for month four, I’ll really crack down and return to form, keeping good track of all my data and making sure I’m still working on stretching, fixing my turnout, and getting my cardio on on my off days.

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