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No Beer September

Throughout my new fitness journey, I’ve been somewhat neglecting a very important aspect of physical transformation: diet. While I’ve been tracking what I eat and making sure I get enough protein before and after workouts, I haven’t made too big of an adjustment to my normal routine. And that’s no good.

Beginning today, I will have no beer for the month of September. Why? Step into my office:

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Poor Posture: the Silent Killer

It’s not sexy. It’s not fierce. But it’s got to be discussed. I’m talking about posture.

Having terrible posture can make you look and feel small, incapable, and weak. Good posture, by contrast, makes you feel large, confident, and ready to take anything life gives you.

Poor posture can be responsible for everything from digestive problems to poor circulation to depression (source). But we’re here to talk about strength training, right?

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Bravely Battling the 8 to 5: Exercises to Slay the Hunchback of Coder Dame

In the battle for personal betterment, one must face many demons. Many of them have lain dormant for years, lulling you into complacence with the siren songs of, “It’s always been this way” and, “That’s just how you’re built.” The thing is, if done properly, exercise can help your body naturally repair anomalies that have been plaguing you for years.

As more people work longer hours and move less and less, it’s important to know ways to counteract the troubles inherent with a sedentary lifestyle. It’s also important to identify your demons.

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