Progress Report: the Tenth Month

I received a notification from my gym that this month was the anniversary of my fitness journey! Pretty exciting indeed, except I’m not where I thought I would be at this point. After talking to my wife, it seems that even though I began working out a year ago, I haven’t been working out for a year. See, my original trainer had me stray from my goals. Then I took a couple months off in the winter. I’ve only been really training for 6 months or so.

I’m concerned I’m straying from my goals again with a new trainer. I did feel with Ash that my leg workouts were somewhat deficient and Lana has definitely fixed that. I’ve just noticed a lack of gains in the upper body areas. I’ll figure this all out yet!

Before & after

Here’s my customary measurement reference table:

Metric This month Last month Beginning
Bicep 11.75″ 11.75″ 10.5″
Forearm 9.625″ 10″ 9″
Calf 13″ 12.75″ 14″
Thigh 21.75″ 21.5″ 18.5″
Neck 14.5″ 14.625″ 14″
Chest 38.5″ 38.5″ 36″
Waist 33″ 32.5″ 33″

As I mentioned above, I’m not doing so hot with the upper body. Put on some inches with the legs, though, which is nice. I’m sad to see my waist go up.

I’m going to have a talk with my trainer and make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

How I look

Still in the medium shirts. Like most guys (I imagine) I tend to notice the most difference with the arms and upper body. Haven’t seen any change this month.

How I feel

My joints have been feeling pretty crunchy lately. Gotta stretch better.

How bout them goals?

I’ve been doing way better with stretching my arms. They feel a ton better.

Of course, as soon as I went to start running, the hottest, rainiest part of the year began.

So, for next month, I’m going to let my current goals ride.


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