Progress Report: the Ninth Month

This month has seen some changes. I’ve got a new trainer now and some adjustments are being made to my program.

I like my program but I was definitely starting to have trouble targeting the right muscle groups, especially on push days (chest stuff). My triceps and back always want to take over. My new trainer is helping me to correct that.

Eventually, I’ll probably want to do some kind of dietary cut so my changes are more noticeable. Probably wait till after the 4th, though.

Before & after

Here’s my customary measurement reference table:

Metric This month Last month Beginning
Bicep 11.75″ 11.5″ 10.5″
Forearm 10″ 10″ 9″
Calf 12.75″ 13.25″ 14″
Thigh 21.5″ 21.25″ 18.5″
Neck 14.625″ 14.625″ 14″
Chest 38.5″ 38.5″ 36″
Waist 32.5″ 32.5″ 33″

I can’t believe that I’ve added an inch and a quarter to my biceps in less than a year! And a whole inch on my forearms! Not to mention them thighs….

I’m not exactly sure why my calves keep going down. Maybe there’s a problem with the way we measured at the beginning.

How I look

I don’t really think I look much different than last month. Keeping on the up-and-up. I’ve officially started buying medium sized t-shirts instead of my usual smalls; they fit way better.

How I feel

For some reason, and I think it’s due to the incorrect muscle targeting, I don’t feel as strong as I have other months. I’ve been having some problems with tendon inflammation in my hands, wrists, and forearms. That’s keeping me from lifting so much (or feeling very strong).

I’ve been feeling more like running again. I went on a run a couple weeks ago and it was great.

Purely subjective details

Since last month, I’ve noticed the following:

  • Really sore forearms Damn, I gotta start warming up before guitar playing.
  • Better posture I haven’t even been trying!

How bout them goals?

This whole goal thing isn’t working out very well. I think I’m setting the bar too high. Here’s what I want to do:

  • Stretch my arms every hour (really, really feels better)
  • Go for a 20 minute run on Saturday mornings.

2 thoughts on “Progress Report: the Ninth Month

    1. I think I had too many goals for each month. A list of 4-5 pretty sizable goals to start doing in a month seems a bit like overkill. This way, I can just do 1-2 incremental things that are easy to track each month instead of doing a giant overhaul of all my habits.

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