Workout Summary: 5.24.17

This was my first #walkfunnyday back in the bulk-building schedule and it was intense! I think it was so much easier to do fewer reps of leg exercises, even though the weight was higher. Today it felt like I hadn’t done legs in months. A good sign, I guess?

The lower rest times really allow me to pack in those lifts. We were done so early I got a good core session and some stretches to boot. And I even showed up late!

The wife and I are going to try out cryotherapy tonight. It’s supposed to release all inflammation from your body at once and send you on a 6-hour endorphin high. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!

Here’s the rundown:


  • Air-squats, maybe 2 x 16?
  • Side-lunges, maybe 2 x 10


  • 1 x 12, just the bar (warmup)
  • 2 x 12, 65 lbs
  • 1 x 12, 75 lbs

Walking lunges

  • 3 x 12 (per side), 2 x 10 lb dumbbells

Leg press

  • 3 x 12, 70 lbs

Leg extensions

  • 3 x 12, 65 lbs

Leg curls

  • 3 x 12, 70 lbs

Calf raises

  • 3 x 15, 90 lbs


  • 2 x 20 (per side) Russian twists, 8 lb medicine ball
  • 2 x 15 glute raises
  • 2 x 12 leg raises

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