A Wild Goal Appears

During my WalkFunnyDay yesterday, Trainer Ash asked me if I had any specific goals for my training. And I stopped cold.

As I kind of sputtered, saying, “No… not really… just size and strength….” I realized I was overlooking one of the most important aspects of successful change: setting, working towards, and achieving quantifiable goals.

So now there’s a new Category on Muscles or Bust: GOALS. Where do I begin?

Trainer Ash said it’s really common for people doing strength training to have a goal of squatting their body weight and benching half their body weight. Easy to remember and hard to do. Since I’m already there with the bench (I don’t weigh much), I’m going for 75% of my body weight.

Here’s a helpful table to help me figure it out:

Goal Current Remaining
Squat 130 lbs 75 lbs 55 lbs
Bench Press 97.5 lbs 65 lbs 32.5 lbs

So that’s my goal. I like it much better because it’s performance-based, not size-based. And, if you keep putting on muscle, if remains a constant goal to be chased again and again.


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