Progress Report Reboot: the Seventh Month

I’m not sure wether to count this progress report sequentially or not. The last time I really had a “weigh-in” was at the end of December, 2016. Incidentally, that was also when I stopped working out for the winter.

Since then, I’ve gotten a new trainer and a new workout system, one that seems to work really well for me. I’m fully dedicated to bulking up and increasing strength. In a lot of ways, I feel like I’m finally on the path I originally wanted to be on.

I’ve worked really hard but I’ve also had some motivation problems. It’s great to be back but I think I’m maybe still shaking off some winter blues and settling down from one of the more stressful periods in my life.

Before & after

Here’s my customary measurement reference table:

Metric This month Last report Beginning
Bicep 11″ 11″ 10.5″
Forearm 9.75″ 9.5″ 9″
Calf 13″ 13″ 14″
Thigh 21.75″ 21″ 18.5″
Neck 14.5″ 14.5″ 14″
Chest 37.5″ 36.5″ 36″
Waist 33″ 32″ 33″

Note: I used a semi-unreliable system of measurement.

Looks like I’ve gone up in a lot of places. I was a bit surprised that my biceps weren’t bigger because they seem gigantic. It’s just crazy to remember, though, just how much I lost over the winter. I’m not taking any more breaks. I’ve got to make this stick.

We did the math and, since I began, I’ve put on about 6 inches of muscle. That’s not bad!

How I look

My muscles have been absolutely HUGE. Especially my arms. That’s nice. I haven’t noticed as much change in my lower body as I did with my previous trainer because I only do legs once a week rather than doing squats every single session.

I think, when I take a look at my new program vs. my old one, I’m actually doing more lifting now than I did before. My warmups are significantly shorter, I have shorter rests between sets, and I’ve been doing way more reps. I think that really helps in how much more noticeable (visually) my size gain has been.

How I feel

Truth be told, I don’t feel all that different. I noticed that moving furniture into our new house has been really easy. I do still feel pretty groggy but, as I said, I’m still coming out of winter and stress.

I’ve been really good about massaging my elbows and making sure I’m not tensing other muscles when doing exercises. That’s led to a better feeling and more body awareness. However, I feel like it took me a while to get back to my previous level of awareness.

Even though my muscles are bigger, I don’t feel all that strong. The strength portion of my new program is coming up this week.

Let me also say that this program has shown me the awesomeness that is the deadlift. So happy to have conquered my fears and regularly do this lift.

Purely subjective details

Since last time, I’ve noticed the following:

  • Recovery has gotten faster. When I got back into working out, I’d be really, really sore for days afterwards. Not so much anymore. Just sore enough.
  • Skin is getting soft again. Like before, my bumpy skin is getting smooth again. My wife thinks it’s from increased testosterone production.

Goals for next month:

  • Cardio, motherfucker. Do you do it?
  • Stretch way more. Do yoga with my wife.
  • Get mentally prepared before each workout. Kill it every time.
  • Weigh myself.

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