Injured Workout Summary: 12.7.16

A workout which will live in infamy.

So, looks like my stupid neck problem is still a problem. I could only get through the first set of my HIIT session today before I cashed it in. I’ll be icing, stretching, rubbing, and epsom salting until Friday. Hopefully I can get cleared up by then.

Such a shame, too, because I was doing really well to start, especially with the burpees.

Here’s the rundown:

Dynamic warmup

  • 5 minutes brisk jogging (about 3 laps around the field
  • 40 leg swings, various directions

HIIT sequence

30 seconds each exercise, 10 seconds off. 3 reps

  • Line jumps (front back, lateral, split leg)
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers

That’s all I could do.


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