Workout Summary: 12.5.16

I kind of got hurt on my session today. It was strange. It’s not really a direct injury, more of a tension/compression problem in my neck. And it happened while I was working my legs.

See, I was maxing-out on the hack-squat machine and I pulled up on the handles without noticing how much I was flexing my neck. Like a lot of people, I tend to use my neck when I mean to use other muscles. I’m learning to relax it and focus on the muscles I’m actually working but when I’m doing a newer exercise, it’s tough to remember.

I felt queasy and a really dull pain in my whole neck. It even extended up through my scalp to my forehead. We had to modify my workout. I felt terrible. Such a stupid mistake. It’s calming down a bit but still feels tense.

Here’s the rundown:

Dynamic warmup

  • Jogged 3 laps
  • 40 leg swings
  • 20 legs over body
  • 20 scorpions

Lower body

  • Hack-squat max-out, 10 lbs
    • First set: 22
    • Second set: 11
    • Third set: 8
    • Fourth set: 7

Upper body

  • 2 x 15 shoulder shrugs, 12 lbs (trying to get my neck to calm down)
  • Max-out bench press, 35 lb bar
    • First set: 31
    • Second set: 12
    • Third set: 9
    • Fourth set: 8


  • 2 x 10 back extensions, 5 second hold
  • 2 x 10 captain’s chair, knees up then straight leg
  • 2 x 10, 2 x 8 bosu ball plank with alternating hands to elbows
  • Crunch circuit
    • 10 straight-up crunch
    • 10 tow touch crunch
    • 10 through leg crunch
    • 20 snowmen

10 minutes of stretching


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