Workout Summary: 11.2.16

Had an even more intense than usual HIIT workout today on account of Trainer Nick needing to cram for a test. Therefore, we cut my rest periods down significantly, which made me feel a bit like I haven’t been doing as much as I could instead of resting and trying not to whine.

We did stuff I haven’t done before, namely throwing around heavy medicine balls and partner exercises. It was fun and tough!

Here’s the rundown:

Dynamic warmup

  • Lunge with a twist: 20 yards
  • Slide-n-glide: 20 yards
  • High knees/butt kicks: 20 yards
  • Leg swings: 40 (front/back, lateral)
  • Legs over: 20
  • Scorpions: 20

First HIIT sequence

Six times through. That’s right, SIX.

  • Backwards medicine ball toss: 15 lbs
  • 5 burpees
  • 5 push-ups
  • Run to the ball, do it again

Second HIIT sequence: partner exercises

Three times through.

  • Medicine ball toss: 8, 15 lbs
    • (Squat down, explode through the toss. Catch and repeat.)
  • Partner backpedal
    • (Hold hands, squat down. Nick provided resistance while I pulled backwards. Switch positions.)
  • 10 hip raises (no leg lifts)

Third HIIT sequence: sprints

  • 100 yard sprint x 3

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