Workout Summary: 10.21.16

Had a really excellent workout today. Trainer Nick was pulling out a lot of old-school exercises we haven’t done in a while. My weight tolerance was way down and I felt a bit wimpy but I had to remind myself that I haven’t done these guys in a long time and it’s to be expected.

There’s a possibility in the near future of getting a hold of some boxing gloves and training pads and having a throwdown workout. Also working on hitting up my friend for some taekwondo lessons. Hells yeah! I’m moving in the direction of fewer machines and more real-world exercises, which are great for having a well-rounded system that’s up for anything.

Here’s the rundown:

Dynamic workout

  • Lunge with a twist: 20 yards
  • Slide-n-glide: 20 yards
  • High knees/butt kicks: 20 yards
  • Leg swings (front/back, lateral): 40
  • Leg cross overs: 20
  • Scorpions: 20

Lower body

  • Front squats: 3 x 10, 45 lb bar

Upper body

  • Military press: 3 x 10, 45 lb bar
  • Shoulder raise
    • Front: 3 x 10, 7.5 lbs
    • Lateral: 3 x 10, 7.5 lbs
  • Tricep extension max-out (20 lbs)
    • First set: 31
    • Second set: 20
    • Third set: 11
    • Fourth set: 9
  • Bicep curl max-out (30 lbs)
    • First set: 24
    • Second set: 12
    • Third set: 8
    • Fourth set: 11

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