Workout Summary: 10.17.16

Holy hell, what a killer workout today! I didn’t even expect it to be; I think I just needed to feel powerful and work hard toward something.

I ripped through personal bests and did amazing at (almost) everything I did, even though (embarrassingly) the first thing I did was pull a glute on the second stretch of my warmup. No matter, though, I still killed it today.

Making progress not just with the weight. Trainer Nick is moving me away from the machines and toward barbell lifts for my max-out upper body exercises (so bench press instead of chest press and using the cable machine for lats instead of the one that holds you still). This is a big accomplishment for me and I can’t wait to see how good I can do!

Here’s the rundown:

Dynamic warmup

  • Lunge with a twist – 20 yards
  • Slide-n-glide – 20 yards
  • High knees/butt kicks – 20 yards
  • Leg swings – 10 per leg
  • Lateral leg swings – 10 per leg
  • Side to side legs over body – 10 per leg
  • Scorpions – 10 per leg

Lower body

  • Back squats – 4 x 6
    • 55 lbs
    • 65 lbs
    • 75 lbs
    • 85 lbs: personal record!

Upper body max-outs

  • Bench press – 35 lb bar (as a side note, during the testing, I benched the most I’ve ever benched: 90 lbs!)
    • First set: 56
    • Second set: 23
    • Third set: 16
    • Fourth set: 11
  • Lat pull-downs – 30 lbs
    • First set: 32
    • Second set: 16
    • Third set: 11
    • Fourth set: 9


  • Plank position: raise one hand and opposite foot. Switch. 2 x 10.

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