Workout Summary: 9.28.2016 (Failure)

I failed my workout today. I just couldn’t finish it.

Looks like Wednesdays are going to be my HIIT days from now on. Good to know and I’m really excited to have a regular schedule of this stuff. I felt totally prepared but then… tragedy.

Burpees are the overlap of life and death
Just sent to me by Trainer Nick.

I didn’t have my Clif Bar Builder’s Bar that I usually have 1.5-2 hours before my workout. It was a morning workout and I thought breakfast would be enough. Turns out I was wrong.

After my second set (of three) interval exercises, I felt like throwing up. I tried to rest and relax, I tried to drink water, I tried to walk it off. Nothing. I had to call it with 20 minutes remaining.

I was worried about disappointing Trainer Nick but he wasn’t upset. I just learned a valuable lesson: workouts are no good with just a cup of coffee in my system. I need to get real about my diet and my off-day workouts. October goal: set.

Here’s what I did accomplish, though:

Dynamic warmup

  • Lunge with a twist – 20 yards
  • Slide-n-glide – 20 yards
  • High knees/butt kicks – 20 yards
  • Frankensteins/RDLs – 20 yards
  • Karaoke – 20 yards
  • Frog jumps – 10 yards

First interval sequence (x 3, no rests)

  • Sled push (without the handles) – 20 yards
  • 5 burpees
  • 15 snowmen

Second interval sequence (x 3, 15 second break between sets)

  • Battle ropes – 30 seconds (alternating, then both arms)
  • Jump squats – 30 seconds
  • Plank – 30 seconds

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