Workout Summary: 9.9.16

Today’s workout was very fun. I always did like exercise that makes you feel like a kid. You know, when you were little and you’d run around and jump and play and generally abuse your body to the point of exhaustion because you were lost in the spirit of the moment? That’s called flow and it’s a really important thing to experience.

Basically, there was a lot of jumping. I think I said this before but jumping is a monster core workout; you just don’t notice.

I had a super-sore ab over the weekend, which gives me a little apprehension as a guy who had hernia surgery once. I think I just worked it too hard.

Here’s the rundown:

Dynamic warmup

  • Lunge with a twist – 20 yards
  • Slide-n-glide – 20 yards
  • High knees – 10 yards
  • Butt kicks – 10 yards
  • Frankenstein walk – 10 yards
  • RDLs – 10 yards
  • Karaoke – 40 yards

Jumping around

  • Box jump – 4 x 10, medium box
  • Jump squats – 3 x 10

Lower body

  • Walking lunges – 3 x 20

Upper body

  • Military press – 3 x 10, 50 lbs


  • Plank – 3 x 45 seconds
  • Hip raises – 3 x 10, hold for 2 seconds on each side

Side note

I should mention that I managed to miss the bus home and couldn’t find a ride. I jogged home with all of my work stuff, 2.1 miles. Nice.


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