No Beer September

Throughout my new fitness journey, I’ve been somewhat neglecting a very important aspect of physical transformation: diet. While I’ve been tracking what I eat and making sure I get enough protein before and after workouts, I haven’t made too big of an adjustment to my normal routine. And that’s no good.

Beginning today, I will have no beer for the month of September. Why? Step into my office:

Although I do plan to do a larger, overarching diet and cleanse this month (with the help of my my lovely, dedicated wife), the parameters for that aren’t quite nailed down yet. I’ve dieted before and it’s been pretty good. I just have to do more research about how to best fuel my muscle-building needs while cleaning my body out.

Why beer?

Honestly, it’s probably the biggest detriment to my waistline right now. It’s an easy target and the results will be quickly noticeable.

I’ve given up beer for stretches of time before and the belly just melts away. I figure anything I can do to keep from having to run sprints is a good thing (LOL, RDRR).

About that

Drinking beer, especially the beer I like to drink, is a lot like drinking an entire loaf of bread in each bottle. And a lot of the time, I’ll have two.

Except that with beer, you don’t get any of the nutritional benefits of eating said bread, just calories. And they go right to the tummy.

So, no alcohol, then?

Eh… no. I do still like to imbibe. But I’d like to cut back and also explore some less caloric, less gluten-filled drink options.

I’ve been in a bit of a booze rut lately and it’ll be nice to explore more flavors and be less of a snob.

Ultimate goals

  • I feel like my beer habit is really hindering the loss of my belly fat. I’m on a rigorous workout schedule and I haven’t seen much waistline difference.
  • I want to feel cleaner and clearer.
  • I want to feel like I’m giving my body what it needs on the inside as well.

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