Workout Summary 8.15.16: This Time It’s Burpenal

For today’s second installment of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), I did a lot of classical sports team practice-style exercises. They were decently easy (even fun) at the beginning but by the end with all the burpees and lunges, I was in a bad way.

See, I had a bit of a long weekend away from working out. My last workout was on Thursday; this one was on a Monday. I did a few odd sets of squats over the weekend but I definitely noticed a decrease in the size of my muscles and how hard they would work.

I learned a valuable lesson: no more days off. At least that “off” and that many in a row.

Here’s the rundown:

Dynamic warmup

  • Lunge-with-a-twist – 20 yards
  • Squats with leg extension – 40 yards
  • Frankenstein walk – 10 yards
  • RDLs -10 yards (even these were tough)
  • High knees – 10 yards
  • Butt kicks – 10 yards
  • “Karaoke” (lateral shuffle) – 40 yards

Interval 1: ladder drills

The ladder was about 10 yards long and set up 20 yards away from the end zone. After each drill, I would sprint as fast as I could through the end zone and walk back. If I had sloppy form or moved the ladder, Trainer Nick would move the ladder back 2 yards (I only messed up twice).

I did this set 4 times through with a 2 minute rest between sequences.

  • 1 foot in each square (fast, high knees)
  • 2 feet in each square (fast, high knees)
  • 2 feet in each square (lateral)
  • 2 feet in each square (lateral, the other way)
  • 2 feet in each square, diagonal (left right left, right left right…)

Interval 2: sprints

I learned a lot about running form today. There was a 50 yard course. I started in a runner’s starter stance. Keeping my head down and my body poised forward, I built up speed and power for the first 20 yards. Then, for the last 30, I sprinted as fast as I could. 2 minute rest between sets.

I repeated this cycle 6 times.

Interval 3: strength

I did this cycle (poorly) 3 times.

  • 10 jumping lunges
  • 10 stepping planks (bringing knees to chest, one at a time)
  • 5 burpees
  • Run a lap

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