My Pre-Training Fitness Profile

Before I could begin on my sags-to-riches journey, my gym required me to complete a fitness profile and nutritional evaluation to help me determine my goals and make sure I knew what a vegetable was.

For posterity and future comparison, here is my fitness profile.

Nick the Trainer seemed to whip through some of these measurements pretty quickly. I’m taking their accuracy with a grain of low-sodium salt


Age 35
Gender Male (I don’t foresee any major changes happening to this metric)
Height 68.5″
Body mass index 19.5
Waist/hip ratio 0.96

Body composition

Total weight 130.4 lbs
Body fat (% of body weight) 19.1
Body fat weight (a gruesome metric) 24.9 lbs
Lean weight 105.5 lbs
Water weight 77.9 lbs
Protein/mideral weight 27.6 lbs
Chest skinfold 10.0
Abdomen skinfold 32.0
Thigh skinfold 20.0

Blood stuff

Resting heart rate 61 bpm
Systolic blood pressure 103 mmHg
Diastolic blood pressure 69 mmHg

Fitness tests

Aerobic fitness 41.6 ml/kg/min
Push-ups 11 (sad)
Curl-ups 57
YMCA sit-and-reach 15

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