Bravely Battling the 8 to 5: Exercises to Slay the Hunchback of Coder Dame

In the battle for personal betterment, one must face many demons. Many of them have lain dormant for years, lulling you into complacence with the siren songs of, “It’s always been this way” and, “That’s just how you’re built.” The thing is, if done properly, exercise can help your body naturally repair anomalies that have been plaguing you for years.

As more people work longer hours and move less and less, it’s important to know ways to counteract the troubles inherent with a sedentary lifestyle. It’s also important to identify your demons.

For me, my demon areas are my wrists and shoulders, my back (scoliosis), and my aforementioned duck feet. Below are a ton of links I visit regularly to remind myself of good ways to keep ’em on a leash.

Articles on being a healthier desk jockey

Strategies for Healthier Dev
Techniques from a basketball-player-turned-developer on how to be healthy in a sedentary profession.
7 Simple Exercises That Undo the Damage of Sitting
A great Art of Manliness guide on how to overcome the myriad health problems that come simply from sitting all day
De-Quasimodo Yourself: 6 Exercises to Counteract Slouching
Another one from AoM. This one has great advice about posture (that’s another show [er, um, entry]).
The Desk Jockey Workout: 8 Ways to Stay in Shape at the Office
This one from AoM is a bit more intense. Read: bit more proactive in combatting the desk demons.

Articles about wrist and forearm health

Avoid Succumbing to “Computer Hunch” Posture with These Easy Stretches
A Lifehacker article with a few good stretches to be done throughout the work day.
Exercises for Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel
A video from a frame drummer that shows a few great stretches I do just about daily.

Articles about shoulder strength and flexibility

16 Simple Streches for Tight Shoulders
A good, long guide to some great shoulder stretches.
5 Easy Rotator Cuff Exercises
These helped a lot when I was recovering from my most recent bout of rotator pain.

Articles about working out with scoliosis

The jury’s kind of out on heavy lifting if you’ve got scoliosis. Consult your doctor and make sure your trainer knows about any physical ailments or anomalies. He/she should be able to work with anything.

Overcoming Obstacles: Scoliosis
A guide to training your body to be more symmetrical.

Party! Bonus! Strength and flexibility for guitar players

I’m a musician (mostly guitar) and have been terrible at warming up and streching all throughout my 25-year career. Here are some resources I’ve found lately that are a great help to developing strength and flexibility in the fingers, hands, and forearms.

3 Awesome Hand Strengthening Exercises for Guitar Players
Author Kelly Richey cured carpal tunnel without surgery by doing these simple exercises religiously.
The Steve Vai 30 Hour Guitar Workout
Not strength training per se, but it’s a good (if not insane) method for developing ridiculous chops. Note: It’s not an hour a day for 30 days. It’s 10 hours a day for 3.

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