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Workout Summary: 11.15.17

It’s always so hard to consistently work out on your own, without the benefit of training sessions scheduled all week. I did manage to “pull” (haha) off a good workout today and it felt really good to be back.

Hopefully I can keep the momentum going.

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Workout Summary: 11.6.17

Today was my first solo workout in a long time. I totally crushed it! I did the same program as last Monday (the slow push day workout) and stayed motivated and concentrated. It was great! I even went up in weight on my tricep exercises.

Here’s to more days like today!

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Workout Summary: 11.1.17

Well, the super slow leg day was a bit of a bust. It’s really tough (and I would argue ineffective) to do some of the leg exercises that slow. The emphasis (for uncoordinated guys like me) becomes more about fixing my shitty balance than doing the exercises properly.

There was some good stuff, though. The hip ab- and adductor exercises were killer; my legs were legit shaking!

Trainer Lana said she’d work out a few other exercises to do instead of some of the more balance-heavy ones for the next session.

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Workout Summary: 10.30.17

Trainer Lana has me trying out something different for the next couple weeks. It’s kind of like hypertrophy in that the weight is super low. Instead of a ton of reps, I’m doing 8-10 but really, really slowly. It’s amazing.

I can feel all my movements becoming more fluid. When I do exercises too quickly, I can feel deficiencies in my range of motion. This is kind of like ironing them out. It was so challenging and I got an amazing pump, to boot!

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Return of the Workout Summary: 10.9.17

::Cue Staind singing “It’s Been A While”::

Today was my first day back at the gym after pulling an abdominal muscle. I’m not quite sure what happened. I went for a morning run and had terrible pain in my lower abs and on the same side I had my hernia on. Long story short, I went to the doctor, she said to rest, so rest I did.

I’ve been working a lot on my grip strength (for guitar shredding) and my wife and I just started speed walking (strangely difficult). Even though I still get a bit sore in the abs, I felt it was time to go back.

Today’s workout was a push day and, even though the weights were lower (Trainer Lana took us out of the strength/hypertrophy cycle so I can get my bearings again), I did really well. What’s more, it felt excellent to be back.

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Workout Summary: 8.24.17

I’ve been a bit out of commission lately; I got a bit injured on my Friday workout. Plus, with the eclipse and some rescheduling… I haven’t worked out in a bit.

Had a leg day today. It was alright except I mostly tried to take it easy so I didn’t mess myself up. I went way up in leg press, though, which is great!

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