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Progress Report: the Ninth Month

This month has seen some changes. I’ve got a new trainer now and some adjustments are being made to my program.

I like my program but I was definitely starting to have trouble targeting the right muscle groups, especially on push days (chest stuff). My triceps and back always want to take over. My new trainer is helping me to correct that.

Eventually, I’ll probably want to do some kind of dietary cut so my changes are more noticeable. Probably wait till after the 4th, though.

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Workout Summary: 6.26.17

My new trainer is all about the body weight exercises to build strength. I think that’s great because it makes exercising way more practical. The whole basis of fitness philosophies like MoveNat is that exercise for the sake of appearance is ultimately useless in the real world.

That being said, today I did more push-ups than I ever have before. I had no idea I could do so many! Also, I injured my wrist (playing guitar without warming up) so it was an extra accomplishment. I got through my whole push day workout without aggravating it further, too, which I think is amazing.

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Workout Summary: 6.23.17

My pull day was a bit… different. I think we did all new exercises. Some of them were great. Others were a bit awkward. I definitely missed the dead lifts.

We worked on grip and forearm strength, though, which is awesome. Trainer Lana is an avid rock climber so she’ll know how to best help me with that. My forearms and wrists are the feature I am most self-conscious about. It’ll be great to see what we can do!

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Workout Summary: 6.19.17

Today was the first day with my new trainer: Lana. She’s super positive, super motivational, and wants to continue my current program while making small adjustments and teaching me new things. Sweet!

It was a push day and, man, I feel phenomenal! The great thing about working with different trainers is that you get to learn so many different ways to do things. Then, later on, you can cobble together what works best for you. Each trainer has their own focuses and their own way of doing things.

Lana was super diligent about making sure my core was stable through all my exercises today. I never had to move down in weight and I did my military press without a back-board seat. Pretty impressive!

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Workout Summary: 6.16.17

Trainer Ash is off to bigger things in the bigger city so today I was introduced to Trainer Lana. It was also the start of the “strength” portion of my program and a pull day. Nice!

Solid workout today and even went up a bit. I let Lana know that I have a bit of a self-motivation problem so hopefully she can push me to reach my goals.

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Workout Summary: 6.14.17

It was a brief leg day, but an important one. Not only was it my last “bulk” leg day before “strength” starts, but it was also my last leg day with Trainer Ash. I’m set to meet my new trainer on Friday.

Ash marked the occasion by tricking me and putting more weight on the machines than I’ve been doing. After a set, I’d say, “There’s way more weight on there!” And she’d say, “Well, you did it. Do it again!”

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Workout Summary: 5.31.17


Pretty solid leg day. I gotta make good on my Progress Report goal to get more cardio in; I think it would really help my leg days get better and aid in the hot-weather-suffering that’s going down.

Learned a new exercise today to help work out my hamstrings: the “good morning.” It was really nice and felt really good but the form was a little difficult to get right because of how similar it was to other exercises. Otherwise, it’s a hit!

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Progress Report: the Eighth Month

This month has been crazy with GAINZ! I think it’s the month where the change in my body has been the most noticeable. I’ve continued with doing mostly dumbbell lifts instead of using machines and it really shows.

Also, I’m starting to settle into my new life in my beautiful new home. It’s springtime in Nebraska and all is right with the world.

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