Workout Summary: 10.12.18

Even though it’s only begun to get cold and rainy, the lack of motivation to work out is real. I’m happy to say I made it to the gym today and squeaked out a pretty decent total body workout in about 30 minutes, even though I was having trouble focusing.

The thing is, I’ve felt great being back at the gym. Present. Healthy. Sexy. All that good stuff I was looking to regain. And taking a break for a week (or two; I’m not sure) got me feeling like I used to: spacey, depressed, and passive. Just that quickly.

I’ve loved being in my own body (and mind) lately so it’s imperative that I keep working out. I know I only did a short one today but it was better than nothing. And hey, I went up in weight in a few things too, so it wasn’t all bad!

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Sprints With Friends™: 10.10.18

I’ve been slacking off with fitness lately. But my friends and I managed to bang out eight sprints, even though it was 40 degrees outside!

It’s apparent that I need to figure out how to keep up my fitness goals in the coming winter months. That’s when I really start to slack and it’s when I need it the most. Luckily, I’ve got some great friends to help me figure it out.

Fitness Class: Cardio Kickboxing

My wife and I took a cardio kickboxing class at a local boxing gym last night. A good thing, since I forgot to bring my workout clothes to work with me so I didn’t do my regular arm day workout.

It was actually incredibly difficult. I’m not sure how the other people in the class are able to keep up the 3-minute intervals of kicks and punches so well but I was toast. Even my wife, who has been taking private self-defense classes for the last several months, had a hard time keeping up.

It was a great workout, for sure. Lots of cardio and arm stuff. Even threw in a bunch of push-ups and squats and burpees for good measure, making it similar to a HIIT workout.

My hands, though, are stingy and raw. I forgot to take my rings off before putting the gloves on and my knuckles are a bit crunchy.

Overall, it was a great, different way to get a workout in. I like practical exercise and full-body dynamic motion. I’m definitely interested in martial arts as a fitness routine in the future.

Muscular legs on astroturf

Workout Summary: 9.21.18

Pretty standard walk funny day except that I went up in weight with almost all of my reps. Progress!

I figure I’ll keep this routine up for a couple of weeks, then switch it up a bit. I really liked the push/pull/leg format from trainers past. Also, playing with the weight limits for bulking up vs. strength building.

I just feel really solid in going back to the gym by myself. It’s been really nice.

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Man doing pectoral fly exercises

Workout Summary: 9.18.18

I was way too exhausted Monday to make it to the gym so I made up for it with a nice little arm day workout today.

I didn’t smash anything, per se, but I feel like I got a great workout in, did everything I set out to do, and will keep building on my progress from there. The pectoral fly machine was taken so instead of just not doing them, I switched to barbells. Nice!

Overall, I noticed a bit of progress from last week. The lifts were a bit easier and I felt more solid doing them.

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Man doing child's pose stretch in a gym

Workout Summary: 9.14.18

I completely CRUSHED my leg day workout today. I feel so fucking good!

Wow, I really outdid myself. I mean, this is my first self-guided workout where I “felt it.” You know, that feeling that everyone says they feel at the gym: like healthy and alive and full of energy? I’ve only ever had that after a training session.

Today, I came up with a routine that was good and tough and forced myself to do things I don’t usually like to do. The only thing I didn’t get to was the leg press. The machine was taken all day and I think I got enough quad stuff with the rest of the workout.

I feel really accomplished and ready for the next one!

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Workout Summary: 9.10.18

I overdid things after my last workout. I tried to sprint with my friends, even though I was too sore to walk up stairs. I was wasted. So I took a little time off and vowed that arm day would always come after sprint day 🙂

I managed to have a sort of short, really nice arm workout today, completely refreshed. Sprints are tomorrow (instead of Wednesday) and I should be good to go.

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A man doing dead lifts

Workout Summary: 8.27.18

Damn, it feels really good to be writing one of these again. Where have I been? I’m sure the answer to that question will be dealt with in a proper entry. Until then, suffice it to say that I’m trying to get back in the gym.

I went on my own, no trainer, and manged to power through a damn fine total body workout. I wrote down things I’d like to do and before I knew it, an hour went by. Nice! I also surprised myself with the weights I could handle (though I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow).

I’ve been trying to run on the weekends and two of my best friends and I get together every Wednesday to do sprints. My wife and I will start yoga and dancing (and maybe even self defense classes).

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